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Toyota Pasong Tamo

About Us

Toyota Pasong Tamo, Inc. is a franchised dealer
of Toyota Motor Philippines(TMP).

Our facilities are located in the premiere business
district area of Metro Manila along Pasong Tamo,
Extension, Makati's Automotive Row. We have a lot
area of 5,900 square meters with a floor are of
10,765 square meters.

Toyota Pasong Tamo, Inc. started its operation on
January 17, 1995. A major management change took place
on April 27, 2002.

In the service of the almighty, we shall be
instruments for the promotion of quality life
of Filipinos,

We shall bring the good news of quality TOYOTA
products serving the customers' needs efficiently
and sincerely.

We shall contribute to the economic and social needs
of dedicated & loyal team members; & recognizes, promote
& respect every teammembers.

This is our MISSION. We are Toyota Pasong Tamo.

TOYOTA customers are extremely happy
with Toyota Pasong Tamo because:

Our Facilities are clean, orderly and
well maintained.
We know our duties & responsibilities,
& perform them diligently and consistently.
We work Fast. We are Honest.
We are courteous and sincere in dealings with them.
We are proud of TOYOTA and Toyota Pasong Tamo.

We value CUSTOMER and show this by:
-Being hones in dealing with them
-Rendering Service quickly and correctly
-Being courteous to them all the time
-Complying with our commitments to them
-Keeping our facilities, clean, safe and well-maintained.

We value EXCELLENCE and QUALITY and show this by:
-Being punctual in everything we do
-Doing our work right the first time
-Following the 5's principles
-Continously searching for areas for improvement

We value our TEAM MEMBERS and show this by:
-Giving fair compensation and benefits
-Respecting family needs
-Providing clean and safe working environment
and a pleasant work atmosphere
-Privately correcting mistakes and providing
to improve performance
-Following due process before rendering judgement

Toyota Pasong Tamo